La Universidad a Escena will offer opera from Madrid’s Teatro Real to IE University students

Madrid, November 2021. This month, IE University students will be able to take part in La Universidad a Escena (The University to the Stage) at the Teatro Real opera house in Madrid. Students will be introduced to the process of creating and staging Partenope, by Georg Frideric Handel, by experts from the Teatro Real, winner of the International Opera Awards 2021 for opera company of the year.

La Universidad a Escena will offer opera from Madrid’s Teatro Real to IE University students

IE University’s Arts and Humanities Division offers this initiative to students who are interested in exploring the world of classical music, opera and the performing arts. Students will learn firsthand how one of the most prestigious theatres in Europe is managed and also attend the preview of Partenope, an opera in three acts composed by Handel and premiered in London in 1730.

“At a personal level, this was a very nice way of exposing my musical passion, and specially for baroque music. Yet, I realized that what truly left us this way was the incredible power of music, which truly transcends individualism and egos; its power of making one feel belongingness to something greater is superhuman. Being together with another 30 young humanists raised my expectations for our generation”, says Alfonso José Pérez López, student of the Dual Degree In Business Administration and International Relations.

The aim of this initiative is to offer opera to young people from all over the world, with different profiles and academic backgrounds, both those who are approaching opera for the first time and those who want to broaden their knowledge of the performing arts and cultural management. Since its launch in 2010, more than 14,000 young people from 20 universities and schools of artistic education have participated in La Universidad a la Escena. “The general purpose of the program is to bring the opera closer to the young audiences, breaking the clichés that are commonly associated with the genre”, said Fernando Olives Gomila, Director of Cultural Promotion and New Audiences at Teatro Real.

“We are lucky to be in one of Europe´s most vibrant cultural capitals and have the opportunity to work with world class institutions such as Madrid´s Teatro Real. We work very closely with them on different projects that allow us to bring opera closer to the IE University community”, said Catalina Tejero, Executive Head of the IE University Arts & Humanities Division. “This specific collaboration creates a space for our community to stop and reflect, to be exposed to a different language, to stimulate the senses and to foster lateral thinking”, she added.