Introduction To Contemporary Art

Introduction To Contemporary Art

The Arts and Humanities Division at IE has organised a 3-session webinar on “Introduction to Contemporary Art” given by the art critic, writer and curator Joaquín Jesús Sánchez.

These webinars offer some essential notions to approach contemporary art and facilitate its understanding. This is done by a total of  three sessions, given in a synthetic and agile way and ranging from the historical avant-gardes to the present day, with the aim of providing some fundamental keys to understand the art of our time.


  • Session 1: Tuesday March 16 5:30 pm (CET) Where did it all start? The historical avant-gardes and their consequences
  • Session 2: Wednesday April 14 5:30 pm (CET) But what does this mean?
  • Session 3: Tuesday, April 27 5:30 pm (CET) And now what?

Where: Online via Zoom and open to the IE Community.

Language: Spanish

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