2022 IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

2022 IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

July 18th, 2022

The IE Arts & Humanities Division would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of the 2022 edition of the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.

The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities are held each year to celebrate the best written and audio-visual works created by students, alumni, faculty, and staff that form part of the IE community.

These prizes honor the humanistic vision held by all of the members of our educational community, as well as their critical thinking, and their ability to have a unique voice and vision of reality. The IE Foundation, with the support of the IE Arts & Humanities Division, is proud to host these awards to propel this particular vision of the world that is so integral to IE University’s identity.

Read more about the prizes and see the winners for the 2022 edition HERE.  We look forward to celebrating the participant´s accomplishments along with the IE community on September 20th at the IE Tower in Madrid.