At IE we believe that regardless of the program you are enrolled in, the vision that the arts & humanities provide to your construction as a human being are crucial. The Arts and Humanities incorporate a competitive edge to our students’ education because they promote a way of thinking that is different and complementary to that of science and technology.

Our courses have been designed with both this global trend and the particularities of IE’s degrees in mind. It intends to function as an interdisciplinary space where students from different programs contribute to a deeper understanding of current societal issues from their diverse skills, interests, and educational backgrounds, bound together by the Humanistic framework and methodology. All of our courses are focused on developing the students’ analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills; on helping them forge an ethical framework for decision-making; and on bolstering their oral and written communication.

For these reasons, all IEU students take during the 2nd semester of the 1st year, what we call the IEU Humanities Module. It consists of a 6 ECTS course that students choose from a predefined selection and where they sit with students from other bachelor degrees. By interacting at an academic level with peers from different disciplines they strengthen their holistic mindset and they multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

The offer for the academic year 2020-2021 is the following:

IEU Humanities Module - Segovia

  1. God, Man, Machine: A Critical History of the Modern Age
  2. Literature and Disruption
  3. The Digital Human
  4. The Philosophy of Happiness
  5. Market, Society and Innovation
  6. Ethical Approaches to Sustainability
  7. Justice, Equality and Freedom
  8. Art and Business: A Historical and Critical Approach
  9. China: Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing
  10. We shall overcome: Music, Pop Culture and Social Change
  11. Cultural Diversity Today

IEU Humanities Module - Madrid

  1. God, Man, Machine: A Critical History of the Modern Age
  2. Free Speech and Dangerous Ideas
  3. Ethical Approaches to Sustainability
  4. The Philosophy of Happiness
  5. Women Leaders: From Cleopatra to Today
  6. Justice, Equality and Freedom
  7. Market, Society and Innovation
  8. Critical Thinking for Managers: The Decision-Maker as a Public Actor
  9. China: Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing

Other Courses


– Political Utopias
– The Philosophy of Happiness
– Women Leaders Past and Present: From Cleopatra to YOU
– Gastronomy: The Art and Politics of Eating
– Visual Storytelling and 21st-century challenges
– Empire and the Rhetoric of Power
– Art and Social Change
– Democracy through History: Lessons for Today