Proficiency Diploma

Proficiency Diploma in Arts, Humanities and Technology

The IE Arts & Humanities Division will launch the Proficiency Diploma in Arts, Humanities and Technology in Spring of the 2022-2023 academic year. This is the Division’s first official stand-alone program, and aims to provide students a humanistic perspective on the human experience in the context of globalization and the technological revolution. The program is designed help students challenge critically and logically the “why” of issues, and not just the “how” through interdisciplinary, innovative, experience-based teaching.

The Proficiency Diploma in Arts, Humanities and Technology is divided into three certificates that are composed of two 5 ECTS courses each and students will receive a separate credential accrediting the knowledge acquired:

  • The Global Humanities certificate challenges students to draw unobvious connections and obtain basic comprehension of how our past has determined our present and will continue to shape our future.
  • The Ethics and Technology certificate aims to help students face generational ethical dilemmas relating to emerging technologies that future professionals in any kind of sector will encounter.
  • The Art & Market certificate explores the global art market and its impact in the economic sector as well as reviewing how main participants such as museums, galleries, auction houses, collectors, and, of course, the artists themselves work within this industry. The certificate also explores the history of art as well as the ways in which technology has disrupted the industry in the past decades.

Each certificate’s curriculum emphasize on-site learning experiences, case-based studies, as well as high-profile guest speakers thanks to the Division’s partnerships with many artistic and cultural institutions both in Spain and on a global scale. If you want to challenge yourself intellectually and view the world through a different lens, students will have the opportunity to complete these certificates throughout the academic year as well as in June, as an ideal way to continue studies upon the completion of your academic year at IE University.

Find below the syllabi for the Global Humanities courses and a list of FAQ to help you with any quick doubts you might have:

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