About us


The Arts & Humanities Division is born with the aim of being a transversal platform to all five IE schools, as leading institutions are rethinking and reinforcing the humanistic component of their core curriculums.

They are reacting to the demands from cutting-edge industries that are seeking “well-rounded” graduates who can excel not only in the use of the tools and methods of science to solve increasingly sophisticated problems but who can also approach these problems with a “humanistic mindset”. This implies understanding the complexity of its socio-political contexts, the broader impact of their decisions, and the human and cultural elements involved in every professional interaction. These issues have become particularly relevant in this fast-changing and uncertain age of technology, globalization, and misinformation.


The Arts and Humanities incorporate a competitive edge to our students’ education because they promote a way of thinking that is different and complementary to that of science and technology. They deal with the challenges of contemporary society through logic, but also through intuition, emotion and imagination. They empower us to see far into the future because they show us, by looking far into the past, how much we have achieved, and how we have overcome our challenges. They not only rely on socio-economic impact as a proxy of value, but uphold alternative life goals and purposes such as self-fulfillment and an ethical engagement with society.

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