Welcome to the Arts & Humanities Division

The Arts & Humanities Division aims to enable the IE community to experience the Arts & the Humanities both inside and outside the classroom with the goal of forging better-prepared individuals, citizens and professionals.

The Arts & Humanities Division

At IE, the arts & humanities constitute an integral part of our identity. They are central to our commitment to prepare students to become informed, compassionate and inquisitive global citizens. For us, they are about acquiring new knowledge, new skills, and new perspectives. They are about learning to see the world in a new and better way, to be open to different points and view, and to help our students become stronger partners, more engaged citizens and inspiring leaders in the future.

At IE the arts & humanities go beyond a curricular approach to embrace way of thinking that permeates all of our programs, from business and economics to design and international development. Above all, the arts & humanities at IE are designed to foster a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom to help our students become who they aspire to be.


IEU Humanities Module

The IE Humanities module is a core, transversal, diverse curriculum required of all students.


The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities are held each year to celebrate the best written and audio-visual works created by students, alumni, faculty and staff that form part of the IE community.

OUTREACH: talks, webinars, visits and other events

The Arts & Humanities Division is devoted to create an ecosystem for the IE community where the Arts and Humanities are present and celebrated beyond the classroom. Within this context, we constantly nurture the community life with relevant activities and speakers in our campus, both in a face-to-face and online format.